Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thailand 3/1/2013

Today we had no plans. We decided to go into town to check out the mall. The mall in Phuket was a lot better than the "mall" in Bangkok. It actually had stores! They had a 4-D movie experience that we decided to try. It made me laugh that we went on a snow ride down the mountain for it. The movie was in 3D and our seats moved to make it 4D.
After the mall we walked down the street to Hard Rock Cafe Phuket. It was very hot outside so we all ordered smoothies that were very delicious!


 C laughed at me because I ordered fajitas and all this food came out. J asked if we needed to come back the next day. I started laughing and asked "Why, because I'm actually going to eat something?"


 When we got back to the hotel C & I decided to go swimming and check out our underwater camera. We just swam in the hotel pool for a little while as the company Farewell Dinner was that night.

After getting ready for the Farewell Dinner we had some extra time so we decided to check out the hotel. We found this huge chess set but it was missing a pawn and C told me to stand in! We also found miniature golf, batting cages, and a basketball court. All the hotels we stayed at were definitely 5 stars.


The Farewell Dinner was good, this was right before it started. The dinner was a buffet.

The entertainment was these girls singing songs in English. They did pretty good but it was a little interesting hearing Adele with an accent :)

 Then we got a surprise. They had these huge paper lanterns for us to light off into the sky. The purpose was to let all of the bad out of our lives and let it go and if the lantern flew into the sky then you would be blessed with a great year!

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