Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yearly Visit

I love it when my sister Jackie and her family come to visit us! They made the trip and stayed all last week. Her girls were very excited that we had a horse this year that they could ride all by themselves. I hopped on my horse, Ebby, and we went for a ride every day I think. We rode horses a lot. Kamysha would be such a cowgirl if she had the opportunity. By the end of the week she would help me catch Snowball in the field, lead her up to the hitching rail, pull out her saddle. She needed a little help to put the saddle on the back of Snowball. Then she would cinch her up and put on the bridle. I don't think it would take her very long to build the muscles to lift the saddle and she would be off and riding.

This would amaze me every time. Karyssa had no fear of the horses. She would lead Ebby up to the hitching rail all by herself. It scared me a little to have her just take off walking.

Waiting for me to catch the horses.

We went to Bear Lake on Wednesday. We rented a paddle boat and a trike/paddle boat. It was fun once we had them to our spot on the beach but getting them there from the rental shack was awful. It took Michael and Kamysha in the paddle boat and Chad and Kaylynn in the trike an hour of pedaling. Needless to say the guys had their wives take them back to the shack!

One of the best things about Bear Lake is the fact that it doesn't get very deep, very fast.

Karyssa let me bury her in the sand!

I took Kamysha to our combined YM/YW activity. We played Siamese baseball. It was pretty fun!

After we went riding, since the horses were really good. We would give them grain.

Waiting for their turn to ride the horses.

Little Ethan loved the horses as well.

We also went bowling, floated the river, hiked to the intermittent spring, rode 4-wheelers, jumped on the trampoline, and played lots of games! After a week of going, going, and more going, Buckie and I were tuckered out! Ha Ha

Just kidding, this picture was taken the 3rd day they were here. I was just pretending to sleep. I was actually talking to Jackie who is in the chair just to the right in this picture. I really was exhausted but I had so much fun. My house is definitely too quite without them here! Can't wait for 2 weeks when I'm going to go see them for Labor Day!!!