Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It was a MONDAY!!

Yesterday, C n' I were in SLC for a clinic appointment for C. It was bright and early so we stayed at my brother's place Sunday night. I dropped C off at the hospital around 8:15 so he would have time to find the clinic's since the hospital has been adding and moving rooms around.

My brother M asked if we would go to Lindon and pick up some fencing parts for him, so that is where I was headed. There was a traffic accident in Pleasant Grove and the traffic was backed up to Lehi. It took me 2 hours to get to Lindon and when I arrived my brother had NOT called ahead and they had no idea what I was supposed to pick up. Him and his wife were already on the plane so both of their cell phones were turned off. I called my mom to see if she knew anything and she said no. The people there took an educated guess and I left. Luckily my Mom had called one of my brother's employees and he called me and I had the wrong ones so I turned around and headed back to the store. Luckily I wasn't that far away yet. THANKS MOM!!

On my way to the hospital to get C. he called me to say that his P.F.T's were 2 points lower than when he went into the hospital last year and they really wanted him to stay. He really needed to and my Heavenly Father must have known because for some reason the company that he works for had their plane at his work and was going to be coming back to SLC at 2. All of the people C works with packed everything up for him and even added a care package, THANKS A!!!, so he would be able to work from his hospital room. However, we hadn't planned on him staying so he wasn't packed for this at all. I get to go back there on Friday with the things he needs.

I wanted to head home early enough that I didn't have to travel in the dark. On our way to SLC a deer had decided to run into the side of my car and rip off the side mirror and put little dents down the whole side of my car. Just as I was leaving the check engine light comes on. There isn't very good cell service on the way home and I didn't want to be stranded so I took my car in. They told me it would be about 2-4 hours. Aaaarrrrggghhh. My SIL came and picked me up thank goodness and took me in for 2 hours, THANKS L!, then I was finally on my way. Needless to say I drove home in the dark and I did see some deer I guess it helped me stay awake though because every time I saw one the adrenaline started pumping.

Man am I glad that today is Tuesday and going a lot better!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sheering the Sheep

Ok maybe he isn't really a sheep. I cut Buckie's hair last night. I was going to cut it 3 weeks ago but he hurt his back so I decided to wait til he felt better. His hair was nice and long and very curly. And yes my shirt is covered in his hair.