Friday, March 27, 2009


As many of you know, I play city league volleyball. We played in the fall this last year and we will be playing in the fall for years to come now because the league has gotten so big we have to have A & B league play in separate season's so all of the teams can play.
This last year R. the person who was in charge, the person who does all of the scheduling, and takes care of everything came up to me and asked if I would be interested in being in charge of B league this next year. I told her yes and we talked for a while and right before she left she said that she would think about who she would have in charge and let me know.
About a month ago I was picking up pizza and the waitress, who also plays volleyball asked me when we were going to start volleyball this next year. She had heard that I was going to be in charge this year! I was a little shocked and said that that was news to me. Still no word from R. Well I just got a phone call from A. the person who is in charge of A league. She had just talked to R. and she told her that I was taking over. It surprised me. I then sent R. an email. She just sent one back with a little instruction and now I'm in charge. I'm a little nervous but I'm also excited. I know I'll get a little grief from other teams, some of them really don't like playing in the fall. We went from 14 teams the year before to 9 this last year. But, I have talked with A. and we decided that there is no way that B league could be in the spring because of the many sports that go on in the spring, basketball, indoor track.
So this has helped me overcome my horrible mood. It seems that everyone in my family is getting pregnant and I'm not so I've been having a good pity party. But now I'm glad I'm not because that would put me due right as tournaments would be starting. So YEAH for me!! I'm always amazed at how my Savior, if asked, will provide a distraction for me so that I can be a happy person.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Wednesday

C and I got such a good laugh out of these so I thought we should share. Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Do you think I could get paid for advertising?

Buckie was holding this milk bone just perfect. If I stepped towards him he would run. So I decided to take a picture. If you click on the picture you can read what the bone says.
He got this bone from the bank today. Our bank is nice and gives out doggie treats. He likes to go to the bank.

And I thought the Lake was bad

C told me if we had time after we cleaned up the 2 spare rooms that he would help me get my go kart started on Saturday. Well, we had our work done by 2 and C. helped me pull it out of the barn. I had so much fun driving it. It was really nice outside and I've been getting spring fever really bad. So thanks C.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

This year, every Sunday we have C.'s parents over for lunch. We trade off at the beginning of the year. Next year we will go to their house for dinner. It is lots of fun and we play Rook after dinner while Mr. D. our nephew plays our Wii. Well, I decided I wanted to theme this Sunday dinner for St. Patrick's Day, even though it's 2 days early. I dyed everything green. We had chicken wraps, broccoli salad, and I made Shamrock Shakes for dessert. It was very good. That is if you can get over the color.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Last night I went to a fantastic party at the church. The theme was to come and check out everyone's "purse"analities. We played the purse game. We were divided into tables and then we got a point for the different things in your purse if you had them. Like your table would get a point for every key that everyone had in their purse. The person in charge would throw out things to look for. The items included: Tums, 5 dimes, receipts, pictures of your family, cell phone, something to write with, something to take notes on, baby wipes, lip gloss, and the craziest item in your purse. I couldn't believe that a person at the table next to mine had and apple slicer in her purse.
The food was yummy and the dessert was homemade brownies with ice cream. Mmmmmm Good!
But a quick note for everyone if your ward does one of these parties, Don't clean out your purse before you go. I knew they were doing something with purses so I cleaned mine out. I didn't have any receipts :(.It was still fun to go to. I'm glad my mother in-law reminded me or I would have forgot.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Super Buckie

This morning Buckie wanted to play. I throw his toy, he runs and gets it, comes back and then play keep away from me. Well, I caught it and he wouldn't let go. I didn't know my dog was so strong. He just hung on while I raised the toy up. It was really awesome. After C took the picture I lowered him down and kept trying to get the toy so I could throw it again.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is what you spend your money on if you don't have children

C and I decided to upgrade. When we built we knew we wanted a projection tv in the family room downstairs. We finally decided it was time. I LOVE IT!!!
The surround sound is great also.

Monday, March 9, 2009


C n' I

J and C

This last weekend my SIL and BIL came over with their snowmobile. We have a big field next to our house and they invited us to play with them. This was my first time on a snowmobile so I thought I'd let C take me for a ride first. As I was getting on I told him to please not dump me off. We hadn't even moved 10 feet and this happened. J. had just tipped it back upright.

So needless to say I didn't ride with C. anymore. I think it hurt his feelings a little bit. Well after that we had fun just riding it. However, we found a little hill so this is what transpired after that.




Me. I know I don't have much air, but at least I tried