Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend

C n I had an awesome weekend with my sister and her family. Any spare minute we had the girls wanted to go 4 wheelin and go karting. K had so much fun driving the go kart by herself. We went to a gravel pit just across the creek to just ride around.

After lunch on Friday they wanted to ride horses. They really enjoyed that but they wished they could ride them by themselves. However, my horse leads really good, and we had only ridden them once this year because of all the rain so we didn't dare turn them loose. Side note: which turned out to be a good thing because when C n I went riding on Tuesday night we had a rodeo with her. The darn horse.
We then had a break in the clouds to light off a few fireworks before it started pouring down rain. We forgot to light the rest of the fireworks off the next night. Next time you guys come up we'll have to light the rest of them off.

Monday we went to Bear Lake. It was so much fun. However the sunburns we got were not so much fun.

This is right before M took his 2 daughters out of the tube and then flipped it over. Thanks M!!

I'm so excited to see them in August. I wished we lived closer to them.