Sunday, September 27, 2009


C 'n I bought Buckie a harness for walks while we were in Idaho. Every time we put a leash on his collar he starts to choke and is thrown into a fit of not being able to breathe. Our vet told us small dogs are susceptible to having their trachea collapse, and suggested we buy a harness. C put the harness on him and he acted like he'd just had his man-ness taken away. His tail between the legs it was sad. C decided to take it off and he immediately did this.

He was so upset with C he wouldn't even look at him. Funny Dog!!

Pocatello Fun!!

C n' I went to Pocatello to visit with my grandma who is going to be moving to Washington this next month. As an added bonus we got to see my sister and her 5 children this weekend too!! We had so much fun. We played games, went shopping, had humongous milkshakes, and we went rollerskating. Man I love family!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm trying to win this.

Isn't this super cute? If you head to her website she has a bunch of cute things

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

C. n' I went to see my family this last weekend. We had so much fun!!! We went down to bottle lots and lots of tomato juice. We bottled 132 quarts of juice split between 5 of us. It made the house really hot but it was fun canning with my mom and my sisters. Canning with family really beats canning by yourself.
We also went down for my new nephew's baby blessing. I had so much fun cuddling him. I even got to go to the beauty shop while holding him. He is super cute and all of his sister's are so happy to have a brother. It was so fun playing with the nieces and visiting with my family. I wish my family and I lived closer together.