Wednesday, August 20, 2008


D. my oldest brother is playing in the play South Pacific. It is playing at the Sandy Ampitheater. It goes until August 23, 2008. It is really good and worth your time to go see him in it. His wife L is the Director's Assistant. So if your in the area go see it. Have a great Day!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Awesome Week

We had the pleasure of having M, J, K, K, K, K, come to visit us this past week. With L's wedding the postponed coming until Tuesday. We went to the zoo on our way to our house. It was really funny to see the youngest K. Her favorite animal was the muskrats. They were running back and forth across their cage and then they would stand up and look at her. She would follow them back n forth. She didn't' want to leave them.

On Thursday we went camping to Bear Lake. It was fun. We set up camp n then went swimming. That night though we had a monsoon hit us. That wasn't so fun. Then Friday we rented Jet Ski's and had a blast swimming in the lake. We decided that we didn't want to go through another monsoon so we packed up and went home.

Saturday we went 4 wheelin then we floated the river. It was really fun to have them come n visit us for a few days. I always love it when family comes to visit.

L's wedding

Wow, My youngest brother just got married on August 4. It was really fast and unplanned. I was told the Monday before so I had a week to get everything situated to be able to go. I'm glad I went. There was only 1 big blowout, thank goodness it was the night before though. The wedding was good. It was just immediate family since no one else knew about it. I can't believe that my youngest brother is now married.