Friday, May 29, 2009


My dog got a concussion last night. The poor puppy dog. C was outside throwing rocks off of our yard. Buckie was by the barn and as soon as C threw this one rock he saw it was going to hit Buckie. C yelled look out Buckie. So Buckie stopped what he was doing and looked up and watched this rock hit him in the head. He yelped and took off running.

C felt really bad and took him in our house to check him out. Then he started walking in big circles and started throwing up. After the third time C called the vet and by the time he was off the phone and went to get our poor puppy he had thrown up 4 more times. The vet gave him 3 shots and one of the shots the vet had to shave Buckie's leg so he could put it in his vein to stop his brain from swelling. C told me because it was after hours at the vet he charged an automatic $80.00. So I was expecting a huge $500 bill. So when he told me the total was only $164 I was relieved, it wasn't anywhere close to what I was expecting to pay.

They had just gotten home from the vet's when I got home. Buckie just laid in the chair for the rest of the evening. He got up to drink a little before we headed to bed. I'm sure he just doesn't feel good but this morning he wouldn't even eat the piece of ham I was trying to give him:( I hope he feels better when I get home from work.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Our grass is coming in nicely. We planted half of our back yard last year. When it first started growing we had an overwhelming population of grasshoppers come through and eat all of our new grass. I was sad.

We were then told by some friends that the best way to grow grass was to plant the seed right before the snow falls and then the snow would push it into the ground and in the spring when the snow melted it would keep the seeds moist and they would grow when spring came. I'm happy to tell you that it is true. All of our seed is starting to come up. And it turns out the grasshoppers didn't eat all of the grass because the grass is a lot thicker by the house where we had planted last summer.
We have tons of dandelions and I don't like them. My FIL said we had to give our lawn a mowing before he would spray. Luckily where the dandelions needed spraying was were we had planted last year and it was in need of a mowing. So our grass just received it's very first mowing. We borrowed my FIL's riding mower and C went to work. It makes me really excited to see the progress we are making on our yard. And I now know why they call it yard WORK!!

Work Work Work

We started with the HUGE hole in our front yard. We decided that we wanted an edger between the parking area and the, coming later, front yard. We dug a little trench on the border of the yard and parking area. Then we pulled the logs out of our garden, it needs to be squared up and C wants the garden to be a little bigger this year, and placed the logs in the trench to keep them from rolling. We then brought in drain rock and filled the hole most of the way in. We are hoping that the rock will help the water drain into the ground this next year instead of creating another giant lake in our front yard. Last we put road base on the rocks to create a nice parking/turn around area. Here is the finished product:Our next project was to get the garden ready to plant and then plant it.

My FIL bought us some nice railroad ties to put around our garden. So we pulled out the logs that were around our garden for the above project. Then we made our garden area as level as possible. Then we had to carry the railroad ties into the garden. Man are they heavy. However knowing that each railroad tie is 9 feet long helped us square our garden up. I didn't realize how off we were. One side of the garden was 3 feet wider than the other half. It is nice to be able to step into my garden without the logs rolling out from under me. My FIL also bought us tons of soil conditioner and we bought some steer manure to go into our garden. C tilled it for me and 2 days later we planted our garden. I really like the way our garden looks this year. We still have to put in our watering system but for now we are using a sprinkler. We planted tomatoes, zucchini, straight neck squash, peas, lettuce, radishes, carrots, onions, cabbage, pickling cucumber, broccoli, potatoes, corn, and beans. My garden has been in for a week and a half and tomorrow I have to take the walls of water off of my squashes. They are growing so awesome. They are trying to come out of the top and today I noticed a few bent leaves so tomorrow the walls come off from around them. Here is my finished garden. Hopefully it does a little better than last year!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Naughty Puppy

I can no longer take Buckie to work with me. We have been taking him for a walk in the morning, at lunch, and after work. When we get home in the morning we eat breakfast and Buckie usually
sits under the table. Friday I got up from the table before C and I turned around to see this:

He is just staring at C. We chased him off the chair and didn't think another thing about it until we finished our breakfast on Saturday and I looked up from tying my shoes and I saw this:
I yelled for C to come look at his dog, grabbed my camera to take this picture, then we got mad at him and told him to get off the table. It got me wondering how often he has gotten on our table. We never leave any food on the table so we haven't noticed him getting into anything for us to know. We are going to try and keep our chairs pushed in from now on because I'm not sure how to break this behavior since this is the first time I've seen him do it but I know it's not the first time that he has. Any suggestions?

My Naked Puppy

I decided to try and give Buckie a hair cut. C n' I decided to try it out because paying $28 to have a groomer cut it every 6 weeks gets a little expensive. Everyone I talked to thinks I did a good job, but they also mention how close I cut him. With all of the curly hair on the table I thought it looked like I had sheered a sheep. C laughs that I call him my little naked puppy.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Buckie, Buckie, Buckie

My little dog is a bully. We are trying to teach him to not be so aggressive.

My MIL, mother in law, had 3 little chicks hatch on Monday. Tuesday, C n' I went over to see them. Well, Buckie was cornered and attacked by my Mil's rooster. It got him good. He was yipping and crying. The first words out of C's mouth was "Good, I was hoping he would get attacked so Buckie would learn not to chase their chicken's," I agree and Buckie wasn't really hurt. I think it scared him more than anything having that big ole' rooster on his back.

Last night Buckie was in the yard and some girls were on a four wheeler just across the bridge and they were talking. Buckie saw their dog and took off running and barking at it. C yelled at him and he stopped looked at him then turned and kept running. Well that dog said your not hurting my owner and cut Buckie off and they got into a big fight. Well, if you call Buckie screaming and yelping while the other dog attacked him a fight. C took off running and the girls were yelling at their dog to stop. When the other dog stopped Buckie went to C with his tail between his legs and C felt really bad but he had to scold him first for not listening to him then he picked him up and a chunk of hair came out in his hand. We checked him over and couldn't see any blood. This morning when he was letting me pet his belly I noticed that the inside of his hind leg was a little raw. Hopefully my dog will learn from this and stop being so aggressive. The darn dog.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I love my job

Friday my boss brought her daughter with her to the office. I love it when she comes. She is so stinkin' cute. I actually get paid to play with her at work.

I needed to redo the job board so while it was clean I asked if she wanted to draw on it. We had fun, I traced her feet. She traced my hands. Then we drew this house. She gave me a baby and an older son. Then we played go fish.

She made my day, she told me when she has a little girl she is going to name her Sarah. Then she told me I was her best friend. Her dad then said isn't grandma your best friend and she said that they were best buds. I would definitely take her home with me. I love little children.