Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thailand 2/28/2013

Phang Nga Bay & Sea Canoe 

Today was so much fun!! We chose to do this tour because it sounded really awesome! To start the day off we got onto these speed boats! We were able to see a lot of the area on these.

It was pretty amazing to see these huge limestone rocks just sitting in the middle of the ocean!

We then stopped and go onto these "sea canoes" which were just inflatable rafts. We had a guide paddle us around the limestone "islands" This was one of my favorite parts. 

Our guide pointed out the Scooby Doo rock!

 There were caves inside the rocks and we got to go in some of them.

 After the sea canoes we then went by speed boat to the island the movie James Bond Man with the Golden Gun was filmed on. Of course we had to take our picture with the famous rock.

We had to take a picture of the beach on the James Bond island. It was made completely out of crushed sea shells. It really hurt the feet to walk on.
It was funny. This island had a bunch of ladies selling items. One lady saw C look at some of the items in her booth and then start to walk away. She got very aggressive and grabbed his arm and literally pulled him back over to her booth. It was awesome to watch C run as soon as she let go of his wrist!

We then went to this fishing village. We were told that no outsiders can live in this village. There wasn't enough land so all the houses are build on stilts in the ocean next to this island. They do not allow anyone that wasn't born in the village build there.

 We were dropped off on one side of this village so we could wander through it and were then picked up on the other side of the village. While we were going through this town we came into the school and there were ladies there with monkey's!!! We got to hold them long enough to take a picture!

 This monkey was so SOFT!!

 We then went to a private island and had another buffet lunch. This is what it was. Don't you just love the squid on C's plate? All the dishes were fish except for 1 which was chicken curry, Which was very good!

We then had time to play in the ocean. This spot was pretty cool because there was a current that went sideways. People would lay on their backs and float from one side of the beach to the other.

This was an AWESOME day!!!

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