Monday, December 20, 2010


I am so excited! Chad and I get to go to Guatemala at the end of January. We are going to be there 11 days! It will be tons of fun to see all of the ancient ruins. The sun will be a nice change from the cold we get in January. I'm a little nervous, yet ecstatic that we will get to go to the Guatemala temple while we are there. I've never been to a temple where I will have to have an interpreter. Should prove interesting.

I'm all set for Christmas. This year Chad's parents gave us a book with a scripture, a Christmas song, and a story for every day in December. It has been fun and has brought the spirit of Christmas into our home. I have really enjoyed that.

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Chad: You need to take November 1st off of work.

Me: Why? Is that when you are going into the hospital?

Chad: Yes. It makes me sad. I wish I didn't have to go into the hospital.

Me: Me too!!

Chad: Do you know what I feel the worst about? Leaving Buckie.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Little J came to hang out with us a couple weekends ago. My sister and brother in-law, Lynn and Darryl, help with the bike race, Logan to Jackson.
I had such a fun time. I led Little J on Snowball. She absolutely loved it. She loved it so much we walked around for 2 hours because she wasn't ready to get off the horse.
We then went to see Grandma and Grandpa Merritt.
Little J also had tons of fun throwing huge rocks into the creek that runs by Clark's Barn. It was such a good day.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Have you ever wondered what you would do if while sitting in church you had your name called to be sustained in a new calling but you had no idea what they were talking about?

I had the 1st counselor in the bishopric come to my work to order some gravel on a Thursday. When I saw him pull up my first thought was "I'm getting a new calling." I didn't know what it would be but I just had that feeling. He just ordered some gravel and left. So I thought "I guess I'm wrong."

That Sunday while they were sustaining people I wondered, wouldn't it be funny if my name got called to have a new calling. Luckily it didn't.

The next Sunday comes and I've forgotten all about my previous thoughts. I'm enjoying the opening song, thinking about a few things when all of a sudden I hear my name being called to become the new volleyball coach for the young women. I had no idea!! I turn to C and he is looking at me with a look that says "Why didn't you tell me you were getting a new calling?" I look back at him and tell him " I wasn't talked to about this. What do I do???

Meanwhile they are reading another name. She stands and C. tells me to just stand up. So I tentatively stand up. Look at the second counselor in the bishopric and he looks at me. He can tell something is wrong since I gave him a "deer in the headlights look".

We sit on the second row from the front so with him sending me a questioning look I just say right there in the middle of church "No one talked to me about this."

Needless to say it seems like the whole congregation starts laughing. The 2nd counselor looks back at bishop then turns back to me and tells me to "go ahead and sit down." They then proceed to sustain the other person. After the sacrament is passed the 2nd counselor gets up and tells me "We voted 2-0 that the next time you see the 1st counselor you are allowed to hit him." He then apologizes.

After sacrament meeting I had lots of people come up and congratulate me on a calling that they don't know but I'm going to have to turn down, but the best comment was from a former bishop. He told me "S I didn't mean to giggle at you but that was the best practical joke I have ever seen even if it was accidental!"

Next week will be better though. They will call someone else to that position because I have other obligations on that night that I can't change so everyone will know I said no. The bishopric did ask me if I wanted them to throw in a disclaimer for me. That is how my sunday went last week. It made for a very enjoyable meeting though!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Max Merritt Family Reunion

We had a small reunion this year with C's family. It turned out good though. I had such an enjoyable time. We were able to hike to an abandoned silver mine. The above picture is us in front of the opening to the mine.
Below is the cabin/shack now that people used to stay in when they worked at the mine. There was a ghost town another 1.5 miles but we weren't able to go to it.

C did some compass work with Mr. D for his scouts requirements.

I couldn't believe how big the squirrels were. The little buggers were into anything we left out. 1 even jumped onto the propane tank then onto the grill we had there.

Summer has been so crazy. I think every summer is though.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

We were lucky enough to head to SLC to witness the blessing of little C. It was so fun to visit with my whole family. Which isn't an easy feat since there are 29 of us now. If you're wondering who is who. My brothers are all on the left with their wives in front of them and all of my sister's are on the right with their husbands behind them. My parents are in the middle.

Home Improvements

C n' I had 2 major projects we wanted to get done this year, building a deck out the back door, and getting the front yard planted with grass. We just stained the deck this last week. I am loving it. We have had lots of barbecue this last week and just hanging out on the deck. Thanks C. You did great!!

We have leveled out the front yard, brought in topsoil, and planted the grass seeds. When it starts coming up I'll take another picture. I love owning my own home but it sure gets expensive.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lung Flute.

C recently acquired the lung flute. It is a great tool that he uses to help keep his lungs clear so he can breathe. C has CF and has to take a lung treatments every morning and evening, the treatments take an hour each time. He added the flute to his treatments about 3 weeks ago. He loves it. He feels that he can breathe better which is a very good thing. It does make him cough though.

Last night C was using the flute while I was reading to him, when he starts coughing I stop reading because he can't hear me while he's coughing. Weel C started coughing and before I had time to stop reading all of a sudden I heard a loud bang on the floor. I throw my book down because C is lying on the floor and a chair he had tried to use for support was lying next to him. His whole face is red, his eyes flutter and then he stops breathing. Scared me to death. I go to check for a pulse and his eyes open and he start breathing again. He passed out while coughing. C apologized for not breathing, he said he did that on purpose trying to suppress the coughing. I told him I was just glad he was alright. Needless to say he sat on the bed while he finished his treatment last night.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Family, Man I love 'em!

Some of my family came to visit this last weekend. I had so much fun. The girls had fun walking on top of the snow. They even did kart wheels.

Mossimo and I made french bread while the older 3 were being pulled on sleds behind snowmobiles. It was a little sticky.

She doesn't look like it but K loved these hot curlers. She even had me put them back in her hair Sunday. She really likes curly hair.

M and C were nice enough to pull everyone behind on the sleds. Both days. They also enjoyed playing on the snowmobiles after the girls were done. M was able to jump his sled a good 15 feet.

I let Mossimo eat a warhead. He He. Her taking it out is the only way we could tell it was sour. She didn't pucker at all. But she wouldn't put it back in her mouth.

C was able to get the go-kart started and we got the tires fixed before they came to visit because the oldest K loves to drive it. However, as soon as I told her she would get muddy she wanted nothing to do with it so I took the middle 2 K's riding. I loved it. However, when we went inside to shower they took all the hot water so I had to stay muddy for 2 hours while I waited for more. They thought it was pretty funny until they had to rinse their hair in the cold water.

We also stayed up late playing games every night, ate tons of food, visited it was a very enjoyable weekend, Thanks H family for coming!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Week after Christmas

My sister and her husband decided to follow us home and visit us until Thursday. It was really nice. They helped me peel, cut, and bottle 32 quarts of carrots. We went bowling, sledding behind the 4-wheelers, and played lots of games. I love it when they come to visit but my house always seems really quiet when they leave. Thanks for coming M & J!!!

Chad's Christmas Present.

For the month of December C has been wanting to open his Christmas gift. He'd been hinting for 5 months that he wanted a bow for Christmas. I don't know anything about bows so I bought him a gift certificate so he would be able to pick out his own. I put the certificate in a shoebox and filled it with real popped popcorn so when he shook it it really threw him off. It was really fun to see his face Christmas morning as he yelled "No Way!!!" He had a perma-grin the whole next day as he was picking out his bow and showing it off to everyone. Here is C shooting his bow for the first time!!


Merry Christmas!!!I finally decided to take Buckie's shirt off and as soon as I did K asked if she could wear it. I didn't think it would fit her but to my surprise it did.

I had fun getting together with almost everyone. We were missing my brother, D, and his wife. With that many people there was a mountain of presents!!

Had fun loving on the babies!! My brother M and his wife just had twins in October.
My sister B got one of my nieces some aviator goggles and a cool hat. Needless to say we had fun with those.

We were hoping my sister would have her baby while we were down there but no such luck.