Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thailand 2/25/2013

Bangkok City Orientation

  We were taken on a tour of Bangkok today! First we went to The Grand Palace. It was very hot and crowded there. It was a holiday for the Buddha religion, Magha Puja so it was very crowded, We had to wear long pants or skirts, and no shoulders could be bare. This made it very hot. On our way into the palace one of the guys in our group had shorts on. He was given a pair of really ugly pants and told he had to put them on because "We don't want sexy here sir"

We got to take our picture with the royal guard. I wasn't sure we were going to get a picture as a bunch of Chinese people came up and didn't want to wait their turn to take their photos. 

After the Grand Palace we got to ride in tuk tuks around the city! These are fun!!

 Our driver gave us masks to help filter out the exhaust. Don't we look cute?

Pretty sure we looked like tourists on this ride. We had a lot of tuk tuks rented!!

We stopped at a park and got to watch a demonstration of Thai Kick Boxing. C got to pose with the fighters!

Then we got onto long tailed boats and cruised along the river canals. This  lady was selling items and boats hauling tourists would stop and if anything was bought I saw her slip something to the boat driver. Luckily our driver was instructed not to stop.

I thought this looked like an alligator but our guide called it a water lizard.

This is our hotel from the river!

We just relaxed and explored the hotel for the rest of the evening!

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