Thursday, April 30, 2009

I wish I had my camera

Yesterday, on the radio, I heard about a riding lawn mower for sale for $300. C. n' I have been looking for one for our big backyard. We called and set up an appointment to go see it last night. We took Buckie with us. When we got there we left Buckie in the truck and went to check out the mower. It turned out to be junk. It had 3 flat tires, the blades were bad, It needed new housings for the blades, which the guy told us would cost $80. Definitely not worth it.

However, as we were walking back to our vehicle they let their dogs out of the house. They have 2 poodles the same color as Buckie, Apricot. They were telling us that they were going to stop breeding their dogs because of age. We remembered that the people we bought our dog from also lived in Wyoming. We then asked them if they ever took their puppies to Idaho Falls to sell them. They said yes. We then told them that we bought our dog from them. We let him out of the truck to see if Buckie would remember them or if they would remember him. It didn't seem like either of the parties recognized each other.

It was fun to see the resemblance. Buckie gets his face from his mom, and his under bite from his dad. It didn't appear that he got his funny ears from either of them though. I wish I had had my camera to get a picture of the 3 of them together. Buckie was definitely cuter though. I didn't like the way that their dogs were groomed.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


If your going to own any kind of animal I think you should do your homework and know a little about that kind of animal. However, common sense comes into play when you want to catch said animal please don't try to do so by throwing rocks and sticks at them.

Last night C n I went into our backyard to try to decide where we are going to plant the fruit trees that we just ordered. While we were out there we looked down into the field and saw the horses all stirred up. So we watched them to try and figure out what was going on and we saw 2 ladies down there throwing rocks at the horses! That made us mad since our horses are down there too. We didn't see any cars in our driveway so we had no idea who it was.

Side note. C's uncle keeps his 20 horses down there and he and his grand kids are allowed and do park in our driveway to go and ride the horses. Another side note. In the field next to ours there were 2 horses and the owner, K, never fed them or attempted to feed them through the winter. We can't stand to see the horses with their ribs sticking out so we opened the gate between our 2 fields and we fed them all winter long.

On Monday the fence broke in the other field so we put all of the horses in our field and closed all of the gates. Well because we had done this K decided to try and catch her 2 horses, a mare and an almost 2 year old colt and separate them from our horses. That is who was down in the field and who was trying to catch her 2 horses by throwing rocks at ours! I couldn't believe it.

We have a corral between 2 fields and they said they were trying to get the horses into there so they would have a smaller area to work, instead of a 5 acre field. I opened the gate and C went down by the horses and the 2 ladies showed him which 2 were theirs and then tried to round them up but they didn't care about the other horses and horses always follow, if you let one past you they will all get past you to be with the one. C then came walking back over to me and I told him to watch Buckie and I was steaming at this point. I walked the whole 5 acres and when I passed the 2 ladies I asked if the only way they would be able to catch them would be if they were in the corral. They said yes. So I went and got behind all of the horses and started yelling at them to get moving.

They all started heading up to the corrals and when I passed the ladies with all of the horses going in the direction I wanted them to they asked in amazement and between puffs of cigarettes if I was the one that always rounded up the horses. I told them no even angrier that they were smoking on my property with kids in a car just on the other side of the fence. Sorry I hate cigarettes. I then pushed them up and they tried to turn once but luckily C and Buckie were there and yelled at them and they went right in. We then let all the other horses out the other side forgetting that the gate to our backyard was open. So they caught one horse and hoped the colt would follow and they led them through the gate and into the field that we had just blocked off. I went up to chase the stupid horses out of my backyard, the one we just planted grass on.

Then they left. They just let their horses go. Which I know they will never associate again with, at least they didn't work with them at all last summer so I don't know why this summer will be different. That and since they aren't being worked with I don't think they will even be able to catch them again. After all of this they didn't even say Thank you. Some people. We told C's dad and he said that it doesn't surprise him because that is how the whole family is.

Please, if your going to own a pet take care of it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Always wear a helmet

Saturday it was so beautiful outside. We decided to take the 4 wheeler's out for a spin. We went up to a great fishing hole that C's Dad loves to fish at. The road goes up a really nice canyon, the road is dirt and spring was definitely in the air.

The road was muddy from the melting snow. On the first bend in the dirt road there was a humongous puddle. This puddle covered 3/4 of the road. We avoided easily on 4 wheeler's but if a car was to go it would have been half in the puddle and half on the dry road. We avoided the pot holes on the way up the canyon. We didn't want to get to cold. Half way up the canyon we ran into patches of snow. It was really fun to ride over the snow. One of the snow ruts was deep and I thought I was going to be thrown off of my quad. It was fun driving. We made it to the 2nd pond and C and J wanted to see if they could go farther. A and I stayed there and talked. We were afraid of getting stuck and C and J had wenches on their 4 wheelers.

After a while we heard them coming back and snow flying. Then, all we heard was engines. We walked around the bend in the road and saw that they were both stuck in the snow. Ha Ha Ha. J was able to get himself unstuck with the help of his wench. However, C wasn't close enough to any trees to hook his wench to. So J turned around and they hooked their 2 wenches together. With J moving backwards and C reeling his wench in they were able to get out. It was at this point A and I were really glad we didn't go with them any further up the canyon.

On our way out we hit all of the mud puddles. I was covered. We all had the idea of hitting that last HUGE puddle really hard and splashing through it with all we had. The way we were driving was A, me, J, and C. A hit the puddle first.I was watching her and I had just started through the puddle when the water grabbed hold of her 4 wheeler. I watched as it pulled her sideways and then the force started to roll her. It went all the way over her and landed on the other side. I swerved and went out of the puddle. J saw the last roll and was off his 4 wheeler and to A before I even had mine stopped, The motivation of seeing your spouse in an accident. I grabbed her goggles which were knocked off of her head and was floating in the puddle. C came around the corner and was asking what happened. A was just sitting in the puddle. Everyone was trying to decide if anything was broken. A got tired of sitting in the puddle and asked for help up. C and J helped her over to a 4 wheeler and then J checked her out to see if anything was broken. C. tipped their 4 wheeler back upright. A wanted to just go home but J made her lay down on the 4 wheeler for the shock to wear off a little.

Luckily, nothing was broken. She is really bruised up. She said her leg is really stiff today and she is now using crutches to get around her leg is bruised so bad. The 4 wheeler is actually in pretty good shape. One of the side mirrors broke off. The handle bars and a tie rod were bent but that is all the damage it took. All of the plastic and hand guards are all in tact still.

This puddle we thought was a couple inches deep turned out to be a good foot deep. No one thought it was that deep. A was put all the way under the water.

At the end of the day we are all glad that we are safety conscious and always were our helmets.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fun Weekend

This last weekend we got to spend with my family. We had so much fun staying with J & M. Friday we got up and J invited us to go play volleyball with the women in her ward. They get together every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and play just for fun. C. n' I had such a fun time. Then we headed up to my parents house and C. finished building her can rollers that we gave her for Christmas, she just didn't have room to put the other one so we waited. I got to meet and hold baby A. He is so cute.

Saturday we had Chinese for lunch. There is a great place right by my sister's place that we usually go to because there is no Chinese place here. J & M bought our lunch. Which was awesome and we couldn't complain since they told us we bought last time. We had a little Easter egg hunt for the nieces. It was fun to watch them run around and try to find them. My parents house isn't big enough to have all of us there since there is 24 of us now, so we decided to reserve the gym at the church and we had a pizza party, then played volleyball, and just visited. It was nice to have the room to move and to have something planned.

Sunday L received the office of an Elder and then blessed little A. It was so awesome to have the whole family there. I love it when we get to visit with everyone.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Fever

C n' I couldn't stand the weather any longer. We decided that we would jump in the snow in our swimsuits to hopefully bring the warmer weather in Wyoming. I hope it works.

Granite Hot Springs

Just kidding. J n' A invited us to go to granite hot springs with them so we borrowed a snowmobile for the weekend. It was so much fun. The springs are natural and the temperature is about 113 degrees. It was really warm and lots of fun to play in the water with snow all around us. After the picture above we ran and jumped back into the water to warm back up. However, when we jumped back in every part of our bodies that had touched the snow burned while warming back up.

When we were done we went to some waterfalls and they were gorgeous. We ate a picnic lunch then took a few pictures.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Pinewood Derby

Last Wednesday C n' I went to Mr. D's last pinewood derby. He is a webelos and I think a little excited for this to be his last one. He wanted to just put wheels on the block of wood and see how it did. However, after looking at the pictures that comes with the instructions he decided on a truck. He actually did really well. He was only beat twice I think. they ran in groups of three and they got to race 6 times. Congratulation's Mr. D. Our ward doesn't keep track as to who actually won. They all just have fun.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Angel Food

I made another angel food and I got a great picture. Can you believe I still have 3 dozen eggs in my fridge and still 2 days to go with taking care of the chicken's?
Chad's parents and my nephew Dallin went to Las Vegas for Spring Break this week. Every year for spring break they take a road trip and stop and see all of their children along the way. They asked Chad and I to take care of their dog and chicken's while they are gone. We get to keep the eggs as payment.

The only problem is they have 15 chicken's. That equals alot of eggs. Not all of them lay thank goodness but when there is 13 eggs in one day I get really overloaded on eggs. So what is the best thing to do when you have so many eggs? Make Chad's favorite cake. ANGEL FOOD CAKE. It turned out really nice. I made it last night and I was going to take a picture to show you but it is already half gone. This is the one and only dessert that doesn't last very long in our house. Lucky for Chad though I know I'm going to have to make it again tomorrow. I'm sure that won't hurt his feelings too bad.

Is there a dessert in your house that doesn't last very long? What it is?