Saturday, January 2, 2010

Week after Christmas

My sister and her husband decided to follow us home and visit us until Thursday. It was really nice. They helped me peel, cut, and bottle 32 quarts of carrots. We went bowling, sledding behind the 4-wheelers, and played lots of games. I love it when they come to visit but my house always seems really quiet when they leave. Thanks for coming M & J!!!

Chad's Christmas Present.

For the month of December C has been wanting to open his Christmas gift. He'd been hinting for 5 months that he wanted a bow for Christmas. I don't know anything about bows so I bought him a gift certificate so he would be able to pick out his own. I put the certificate in a shoebox and filled it with real popped popcorn so when he shook it it really threw him off. It was really fun to see his face Christmas morning as he yelled "No Way!!!" He had a perma-grin the whole next day as he was picking out his bow and showing it off to everyone. Here is C shooting his bow for the first time!!


Merry Christmas!!!I finally decided to take Buckie's shirt off and as soon as I did K asked if she could wear it. I didn't think it would fit her but to my surprise it did.

I had fun getting together with almost everyone. We were missing my brother, D, and his wife. With that many people there was a mountain of presents!!

Had fun loving on the babies!! My brother M and his wife just had twins in October.
My sister B got one of my nieces some aviator goggles and a cool hat. Needless to say we had fun with those.

We were hoping my sister would have her baby while we were down there but no such luck.