Friday, March 19, 2010

Lung Flute.

C recently acquired the lung flute. It is a great tool that he uses to help keep his lungs clear so he can breathe. C has CF and has to take a lung treatments every morning and evening, the treatments take an hour each time. He added the flute to his treatments about 3 weeks ago. He loves it. He feels that he can breathe better which is a very good thing. It does make him cough though.

Last night C was using the flute while I was reading to him, when he starts coughing I stop reading because he can't hear me while he's coughing. Weel C started coughing and before I had time to stop reading all of a sudden I heard a loud bang on the floor. I throw my book down because C is lying on the floor and a chair he had tried to use for support was lying next to him. His whole face is red, his eyes flutter and then he stops breathing. Scared me to death. I go to check for a pulse and his eyes open and he start breathing again. He passed out while coughing. C apologized for not breathing, he said he did that on purpose trying to suppress the coughing. I told him I was just glad he was alright. Needless to say he sat on the bed while he finished his treatment last night.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Family, Man I love 'em!

Some of my family came to visit this last weekend. I had so much fun. The girls had fun walking on top of the snow. They even did kart wheels.

Mossimo and I made french bread while the older 3 were being pulled on sleds behind snowmobiles. It was a little sticky.

She doesn't look like it but K loved these hot curlers. She even had me put them back in her hair Sunday. She really likes curly hair.

M and C were nice enough to pull everyone behind on the sleds. Both days. They also enjoyed playing on the snowmobiles after the girls were done. M was able to jump his sled a good 15 feet.

I let Mossimo eat a warhead. He He. Her taking it out is the only way we could tell it was sour. She didn't pucker at all. But she wouldn't put it back in her mouth.

C was able to get the go-kart started and we got the tires fixed before they came to visit because the oldest K loves to drive it. However, as soon as I told her she would get muddy she wanted nothing to do with it so I took the middle 2 K's riding. I loved it. However, when we went inside to shower they took all the hot water so I had to stay muddy for 2 hours while I waited for more. They thought it was pretty funny until they had to rinse their hair in the cold water.

We also stayed up late playing games every night, ate tons of food, visited it was a very enjoyable weekend, Thanks H family for coming!!