Sunday, June 21, 2009


My rhubarb was really big this year. It was time to pick it for the first time this year. I started at one end and when I pick it, I cut off the leaf and the end of the rhubarb. Then I would throw it in a cleaned out garbage can. I was just about 1/3 way through when the rhubarb decided to bite me.
Ok, It wasn't the rhubarb. As I was cutting off a leaf I got a little too close to my finger with the knife. I just have to say I love how sharp my pamper chef knifes are. It was cutting the rhubarb like butter. However, this is the deepest cut I've ever had. I probably should have gone for stitches. I ran inside and stuck it under water. It scared me when I realized the blood was coming out quicker than the water could wash it off. I grabbed some paper towels to wrap around it and ran outside to ask C for help. He applied direct pressure for a half hour to get the bleeding to stop. It hurt really bad. C is really good in first aid and he wrapped it for me, then sent me outside to finish with the rhubarb.

I got my rhubarb all juiced and it looks really pretty. I have to admit I'm glad that it's all done.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Garden pics

My garden is looking awesome. Since it has been so cold lately C decided to build me a mini green house for my tomatoes and squashes. I love it.

The rest of my garden doesn't look quite as spectacular but it still looks good. However, having to cover it every night because the temperature is too low is not very fun. It makes gardening a whole lot more work.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I must love this man

Monday night C n' I hung out at his parents house. They brought T & H's children back with them from Utah on Sunday. We had fun playing with the nieces and nephew. On our way out the door his parents asked us if we needed any eggs. I said no. They said ok, but we have 4 dozen if you need any. Then thinking of C, I said if I got any eggs from them I'd have to make another Angel food cake. C then goes Oh! Oh! We NEED eggs. Then he walked back into the house to get some eggs.

On our way home he tells me that his mom isn't very nice. I guess there conversation by the refrigerator was pretty funny. He said that he couldn't believe that I didn't think we needed eggs. His mom then pats his stomach and goes, well I can understand why she doesn't think you Need the eggs. He then sucked his stomach in and his mom goes, well obviously I was mistaken!!

I left the eggs on the counter and last night I made C an Angel Food cake. Then while he was over helping his parents I decided I'd better start weeding my garden a little each night or it would be overgrown with weeds. C came back just as I was finishing the peas and we decided to put the wires down the rows for them to grow up. His parents came over and we showed them what we had done and I told my MIL that I thought I'd better start weeding so I could make my goal of weeding the garden more than once this year. She started laughing and said that that was a very good goal to have. I never see any weeds in her garden. She is very good at taking care of hers. If it ever warms up so I can uncover my tomatoes, squashes, corn, and beans, I'll take pictures so you can see how awesome it is doing.