Monday, June 30, 2008

Reunion of sorts

My brother S came home from his mission on Thursday Night. It was so great to see him. It was really funny because when we got home we were talking to him about his biggest fear of coming home. He says it was hugging These!! then he pointed to the women in the room. We all laughed and said thanks for calling us "these" He says sorry that is how the English talk.
It was really fun seeing the whole family. We haven't been all together since he left 2 years ago. It was also cool because he came home 2 days before he turned 21.
We went to South Fork and played in the reservoir. My Dad and brother have kayak's so we floated, swam, and kayaked around. It was really fun. C threw seaweed at my sister T. She was so mad at him she went and sat in the car. She wouldn't swim because of the seaweed. Which was more like grass than seaweed.
I'm glad I was able to go see my whole family. It was a really great weekend.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We have had the privlege of having my youngest brother L. stay with us for the last 3 weeks. We have been having tons of fun. We have done alot of 4 wheelin. He's helped us build fences. We went swimming in the freezing cold water known as Cottonwood Lake. Went go kart racing in IF. We have been going going going. It has been tons of fun though. I'm going to miss him when we take him back home this weekend. I'm including a picture of the new toy I got last year. While the boys were riding the 4 wheeler's M. and I were riding this.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Last night was so much fun. We played volleyball for young women's. Things were going well, we won one game then the other team came back and beat us for the second game. On the third game you only go to 15. The score was 11-9. We were serving and the other team hit us back to to us. R. hit the ball and it wasn't going to quite make it over the net so I turned, which is a bad thing to do on a carpet floor, jumped tipped the ball heard a bunch of popping in my ankle and I went down.
So I went to the Dr. this morning, turns out I tore the ligament in my ankle. Which Chad says is almost as bad I just don't have to have a cast. The funny thing is C wrapped my ankle this morning, The Dr. liked it so much he says "C did a great job wrapping that tell him to keep it wrapped for you." Then he walked out. So I had to drive to C.'s work with a bare foot to have him come out and re wrap my foot. I couldn't believe that. Aren't Dr.'s great.