Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thailand 2/27/2013

Today we were able to relax in the morning in Bangkok. We then flew an hour and forty-five minutes to Phuket. Our hotel, Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort, was beautiful. The hotel has it's own private beach. The swimming pool was huge, not that many people used it.

The bathroom was pretty cool. Our room stunk though. It smelled really bad like mildew.

We were asked to meet on the beach for a team building game. It was called Shaken not stirred. Each team had a James Bond, that was laying on the sand at the upper end of the beach, with a plastic martini glass on their head. Team members then had to fill a plastic red solo cup that had holes in it and run up to their James Bond and dump the water into the glass while standing with arms straight out from their bodies. C knew he wouldn't be able to run so he volunteered to be James Bond.

 C took a video of this game from his view laying on the beach. Ignore the man in the speedo in the beginning. That seemed to be the swimming attire for most of the men at this hotel!!

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