Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thailand 2/26/2013

Today was our opportunity to explore Bangkok on our own. On our way to the "Sky Train" we found this little tribute to Buddha at our hotel.

 We rode the sky train to their 7 story mall, which turned out to be a huge street market inside. We did stop at a juice store and got smoothies. C also got a young coconut to drink. He loved it.

 After shopping we stopped at a Pizza Hut. Everything there was "Thai-a-fied" C said we had to order a cheese stuffed hot dog stuffed crust for our pizza. It was weird but C liked it.

On our way back to the sky train we saw this Thai kick boxing arena.

While in Bangkok I let C get a tailor made suit. He looks pretty snazzy in it!!

 This was the view from our hotel in Bangkok. I loved sitting on the window seat and watching the boat traffic on the water.

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