Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

We were lucky enough to head to SLC to witness the blessing of little C. It was so fun to visit with my whole family. Which isn't an easy feat since there are 29 of us now. If you're wondering who is who. My brothers are all on the left with their wives in front of them and all of my sister's are on the right with their husbands behind them. My parents are in the middle.

Home Improvements

C n' I had 2 major projects we wanted to get done this year, building a deck out the back door, and getting the front yard planted with grass. We just stained the deck this last week. I am loving it. We have had lots of barbecue this last week and just hanging out on the deck. Thanks C. You did great!!

We have leveled out the front yard, brought in topsoil, and planted the grass seeds. When it starts coming up I'll take another picture. I love owning my own home but it sure gets expensive.